RUEDA Regulatory Board



The Regulatory Board has the mission of monitoring and ensuring that the rules set out in the Designation of Origin’s Regulations are adhered to by the growers and wineries in the DO: from the growing and cultivation of the vines and harvest to the winemaking, ageing and labelling of the wines. In this capacity, the Regulatory Board has the purpose of driving and promoting quality to ensure that the wines from the region continue to improve.

“The Regulatory Board seeks to ensure the constant improvement of the wines produced in its region”


The daily tasks of the technical inspection team involve: control of new plantings, control of yield by plot, harvest control (health of vine, provenance and variety), yield in each winery, methods and length of winemaking and ageing, as well as the classification of wines prior to bottling.

Quality control is a fundamental task in order to classify the wines, especially when you consider that only the wines that undergo sensory and physio-chemical analysis are authorised to display the DO Rueda back label, the authentic guarantee of provenance and quality for the consumer.

After the tasting session, wines that do not meet the standards of the Qualification Committee, made up of oenologists, sommeliers, government specialists, and other professionals, are disqualified and will be sold as “Table Wine” and similar designations.


One of the key functions of the Regulatory Board is to provide wine professionals, the media, and the final consumer with information about the characteristics that differentiate DO Rueda’s products, wineries and wines.

Its promotional campaigns seek to transmit a brand image of the Rueda appellation that reinforces its quality guarantee and embraces all of the different brands marketed by Rueda’s wineries.

The Regulatory Board’s communication department seeks to provide the media with clear, up-to–date information and documents and to ensure a direct, transparent channel of communication on a daily basis.