During 2020 exports in the Designation of Origin increased by 3.48%. Holland, Germany and Russia are the main markets in which record figures were achieved.

Rueda demonstrated the strength of its brand, increasing its presence in international markets, during a year marked by the sanitary crisis. The Designation of Origin exported 12,919,002 million bottles, signifying 15.54% of 2020 sales.

Rueda wines achieved historic export figures in several countries, such as Holland and Germany, two priority markets for the Designation of Origin. In Holland, sales increased by 51.97% in the last two years, rising from under 3 million bottles in 2018 to over 4.5 million in 2020. Meanwhile, in Germany, exports have grown by 29.44% since 2018. In addition, Germany is the market in which D.O. Rueda wineries have their greatest presence. In total, 60 of the 74 registered wineries export their wines to the country.

There was also a huge success in Russia, a country with significant growth potential for D. O. Rueda wines. For some years the Regulatory Council has been strongly committed to this market, taking part in a variety of promotional activities, such as the Prodexpo Fair, the largest food sector fair in Russia and Eastern Europe.“We decided to opt for this market, because we believe Rueda wines are a good fit with the tastes of Russian consumers. Our promotional activities have been a complete success. In the last year alone, exports increased by 42.2% and at present almost a third of D.O. Rueda wineries export to that country”, explained Carmen San Martín, president of D.O. Rueda.

In contrast we have the United States, where the tariffs imposed by Donald Trump were one of the causes behind the fall in exports over the last 4 years. Currently 668 thousand bottles are exported; half the 2017 figure. Despite this decrease, it continues to be the fifth largest market for D.O.Rueda wines.


A presence in 94 countries

At present, Designation of Origin Rueda wines are present in 94 countries. “The international market values and recognises our differentiating factor, the Verdejo grape which is native to the region, thanks to which a product unique in the world can be obtained “, confirmed Carmen San Martín.

In 2021, the Regulatory Council expects to carry out promotional activities in 11 target markets. Due to the sanitary situation, there has been a turnabout in promotional policy, in order to adapt to the circumstances caused by the pandemic in each country.  “Reverse trade missions or a presence at fairs have been replaced by point-of-sale actions, online events or social media campaigns” stated Carmen San Martín. “Each market behaves differently, but it is also true that it has been during this crisis when the value of a brand has played a significant role, as is the case with RUEDA, which has become an umbrella brand for all our wines and has managed to generate trust in the consumer”,concluded the president of D.O. Rueda.